Offer financing to your customers while receiving unparalleled service.

Join the thousands of Canadian businesses that love Crelogix for innovative consumer financing solutions, responsible financing, and unparalleled service backed by over 40 years of expertise.

“One thing I love about Crelogix is its Merchant Support – they are always available when you need them and the response time is amazing! They have helped us better penetrate the market and increase our overall sales.”

– Damon Green – Business Manager at International Motorsports, Langley, BC

“Thanks to Crelogix, not only have sales gone up in the past year but we have been able to expand our consumer base. The support team always calls me back right away, and we love the flexible rates offered.”

– Andrew Esmaily – Deco Royal Inc, Richmond Hill, Ontario

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Since 1974 Crelogix has helped Canadian businesses offer financing to their customers (‘consumer financing’) by providing funding and technology.


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