About Us

Crelogix is Canada’s friendliest non-bank, technology enabled, consumer financial services company. Our roots and expertise trace back to 1974. We are the largest Canadian provider of point of sale installment credit financing based on over three billion dollars in transactions and over half a billion dollars of purchase volume and receivables.

We are led by a leadership team with over two centuries of experience in financial services, and a track record of growing profitable finance businesses. Our team’s past record enables us to access institutional capital and build long lasting funding commitments.

We provide a range of credit, insurance, and product protection solutions through custom programs we have established with a diverse group of merchants, retailers, wholesalers, manufactures, franchisors and industry associations. Our programs are designed to help grow our partners’ sales while offering affordable, flexible, and responsible financing to Canadian consumers.

We offer consumers a variety of credit, insurance, and product protection to finance the purchase of goods and services. We do that at retail, through 6,000 merchants across Canada, as well as through their websites and mobile applications.

Our Mission

Creating consumer financing programs that people love.

Our Core Values

In all our interactions we believe that disciplined character attributes will continue to guide us to wise decisions and outstanding performance as individuals and members of the team for the benefit of our stakeholders.


We keep our promises and commitments. We expect to be judged by our actions, performance and results.


We know we can accomplish more by trusting, understanding, respecting, clarifying expectations, including and assisting each other in what we do — seeking win/win interactions.


We believe enjoyment is created in an environment filled with trust, challenge, personal growth and persistence. We celebrate our achievements and we take pride in our collective accomplishments.


We have the courage to face the reality of each situation with facts as they are, not as we would like them to be. We communicate openly and our actions are consistent with our words. We despise hypocrisy. We take responsibility for our failures and treat failure as a learning experience. We are loyal to those who are not present, our intent is never to deceive, and our apologies are sincere.


We relentlessly search out new ideas regardless of the source. We invest in continuous self-improvement. We seek out each other’s opinions and we listen and improve from and through each other; we reflect on our learning experiences and share our lessons with others. We put into practice what we have learned in renewed commitment.


We treat each individual stakeholder with the highest regard and deference.