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Burnaby, BC, June 4, 2012: Team Crelogix will take part in the CMHA 4th Annual Community Bike Ride taking place Sunday, June 24th, 2012. Team Crelogix along with other riders will cycle through Vancouver and Burnaby to help raise awareness and funds for the programs and services of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

“Crelogix is honoured to be involved in this exceptional event again this year, which helps raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Mental Health Association and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness,” said Crelogix Chief Fun Officer Mario Cobuzzi, who will ride as part of the Crelogix team. “This is our second year of participation in the event, and we are all very excited to support this noble cause.”

This year, the CMHA Annual Community Bike Ride has partnered with Ride Don’t Hide to help grow the event to a larger-scale community effort. Last year’s event raised more than $44,000 for the Super Saturday Kids Program as well as mental health resources in the community.

Crelogix Chief Fun Officers spearhead Crelogix sponsored social activities and extracurricular activities involving individual employee and Crelogix corporate sponsorship. Crelogix Team members are encouraged to freely participate as time, interest, work and personal responsibilities allow.

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