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Vancouver, BC – May 21, 2014: Crelogix Acceptance Corporation, a leading Canadian consumer financing provider, has signed a partnership with Concerto Windows, offering buyers of its premium window range an easy and affordable payment option. The partnership is right in time for the peak season of Canada’s annual $1.5 billion window manufacturing sector.

Concerto, part of Royal Building Products, sells air-tight window systems designed for the toughest conditions the Canada environment can throw at them, whether it is the bitter cold of winter or the extreme heat of summer. This partnership will give Concerto’s network of dealers access to Crelogix’s easy-to-use consumer financing and competitive tailored rates to complement existing consumer loan arrangements. Dealers will be able to get help with loan applications and marketing programs from Crelogix’s support department via phone or email seven days a week.

“We are excited to enter an alliance with Concerto. Their high-quality products are a perfect match for our customized financing programs. This partnership represents an important step towards joining forces with Concerto owner Royal Building Products, a significant player in Canada’s $80 billion home improvement sector. Our consumer financing programs will help drive Concerto sales by offering easy, affordable monthly payment options on its premium products,” Crelogix Home Improvement managing director Lorenzo Ghio said.

“Concerto is all about quality – no other window system offers Canadians the same guarantee of withstanding the extreme weather conditions of our country. Our new partnership with Crelogix means more Canadians than ever will be able to afford to keep their homes warm in winter and cool in summer. We are very pleased to start this new partnership with Crelogix, a partnership that comes just in time for the traditional summer peak period,” Concerto’s Martin Boulanger said.

About Crelogix

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About Concerto Windows

Concerto window system is the perfect expression of our mastery and craftsmanship. A streamlined design combines with exceptional technical features to turn the Concerto window into a contemporary masterpiece. Before the advent of Concerto, no air-tight window could offer consumers the guarantee of withstanding extreme winter cold and intense summer heat. Our windows consistently pass the test that matters when it’s -30°c outside and it’s warm and cosy inside.

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