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Vancouver, BC – June 23, 2014: Crelogix Acceptance Corporation, a leading Canadian consumer financing provider, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, featuring a resource centre designed to help businesses boost sales through point-of-sale financing.

The new bilingual website has been crafted around Crelogix’s belief in educating Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers and their networks of merchants about instalment credit consumer financing programs and its economic impact on their businesses.

Its responsive design makes it intuitive, accessible and useful for businesses interested in or already using instalment credit programs.

Crelogix Vice President of Marketing Jean Sabbagh, who spearheaded the project, said the new website was focused on usability and driven by a desire to share Crelogix’s expert knowledge with its current and future partners.

“The website will be a conduit to share our 40 years of experience in consumer financing to help Canadian businesses offer instalment credit financing programs in a friendly and responsible way,” he said. “Despite Equifax estimating that instalment credit represents a $10 billion-plus market in Canada, surprisingly few educational resources on it existed”

The resource centre will offer advice, analysis and data – in the form of articles, infographics and eBooks – backed by industry experts and research for the thousands of Canadian businesses interested in instalment credit.

“Our resource centre will feature content covering important financing topics for Canadian merchants, wholesalers and manufacturers such as how to develop, launch, promote and train staff in instalment credit programs,” he said.

The new website can be found at with the resource centre at

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Through consultation with our partners, Crelogix creates the lowest cost and most convenient sales finance programs, structured to help our partners attract and retain more customers, close more sales and increase their overall profitability.

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