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vacation ownership

Canadians are vacationing around the world and saving pennies a day through financing.

Timeshares and vacation ownership used to have a bad reputation – pushy sales people and long presentations were turning people away from making this purchase. That bad reputation is a thing of the past. Times have changed and there are opportunities for Canadians to own a timeshare in a tropical paradise with the comforts of home while in a resort setting.

Vacation ownership is a trend that has been on the rise, growing 16% annually since 1993. While the idea of purchasing a vacation home may seem daunting and expensive, financing is a great way to start living the life you want – on your own terms. Vacation ownership has many advantages:

Vacation flexibility – Many resort clubs offer the option of rotating your property with another owner, allowing you the opportunity to visit multiple destinations through one time share.
Less work than a vacation home – you have a piece of home miles away without the upkeep. Your maintenance fees are put toward your property to keep it in pristine condition so when you visit, relaxing is the only activity on your itinerary.
More vacations – owning a timeshare guarantees you may be taking a vacation every year!
Lasting memories – experiences create memories, and enforce strong ties between you and your loved ones. The memorable experiences you have while on vacation are set to last a lifetime.

When you purchase a timeshare, the price you pay today is the price you are paying for all future vacations. As costs rise, yours payments will stay the same. Financing allows Canadian consumers the ability to purchase vacation properties around the world, while still staying within their monthly budget. Owning and financing a timeshare comes with many benefits:

Locked in cost – once again, the cost of your vacation stays the same as prices continue to rise.
Creating a budget – financing allows you to create a budget and know how much exactly each month you are putting toward your accommodations.
Canadian currency – Financing your timeshare in Canada allows you to pay for your accommodations in Canadian dollars, saving you costs on currency exchange.

Crelogix has partnered with several businesses to create vacation ownership financing offered to Canadian consumers through RCI Latin America, Skyline Vacation Club,, and Club Meliá. Through our partners financing and destination options are available for timeshares in many tropical destinations, making vacation ownership more attainable than ever.

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