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Vancouver, BC – October 20, 2015: Crelogix Acceptance Corporation, a leading provider of consumer financing, has partnered with WayPoint Vacation Co-operative Ltd. to provide Canadians financing solutions for the purchase of vacation memberships in their co-op.

WayPoint Vacation memberships are available with custom financing solutions from Crelogix. Through vacation ownership, affordable and quality vacations are available for a lifetime. Operating as a Vacation Co-op, members will have the ability to hold their co-op shares in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan. The Vacation Co-op will provide members and their families with an affordable way to enjoy a lifetime of quality vacations.

“WayPoint is very pleased to be able to offer our members, for the first time, a financing option with Crelogix, Crelogix will help make WayPoints more accessible for families across Canada” said Vacation Co-op President, Michael Krause.

Lucie Gagné, Vice President and General Manager, said of the partnership, “I am very pleased that we are associated with such an organization. I am convinced that our business partnership will benefit both Crelogix and Waypoint.”

About WayPoint

WayPoint Vacation Co-operative was launched in 2014 as Canada’s first vacation co-op. Unlike the rest of the vacation ownership industry, the Vacation Co-op will be wholly member owned and operated for the sole benefit of its members.

Members may purchase “WayPoints” from the Vacation Co-op. Once WayPoints are purchased, they can then be used for vacations every year at more than 4,000 high quality RCI affiliated resorts around the world, in over 75 countries.  WayPoints provide an affordable vacation option for all family budgets.  Members can purchase as many WayPoints as they need.

About Crelogix

Crelogix is Canada’s most business friendly specialty finance company. Since 1974 Crelogix has been creating consumer finance programs that people love by providing its capital, technology, industry expertise and financial know-how to providers of consumer products and services.

Through consultation with our partners, Crelogix creates the lowest cost and most convenient sales finance programs, structured to help our partners attract and retain more customers, close more sales and increase their overall profitability. More information go to Crelogix…creating consumer financing programs that people love.


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