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VANCOUVER July 16, 2016 – Crelogix Acceptance Corporation, a leading Canadian consumer financeimg-logofooter provider, and Central Dental Laboratories, a full service laboratory serving Ontario based dentists, have partnered to offer financing programs available to dental clinics. Central Dental Laboratories specializes in advanced prosthetics including metal free, traditional and implant supported restorations.

Central Dental Laboratories is trusted for their expertise and production of high quality, advanced, customized prosthetics by members of The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Ontario Dental Associations, and the College of Denturists of Ontario. Through Crelogix, patients can undergo the procedure they want without the worry of the cost. Together, the Central Dental Laboratories and Crelogix have designed a financing program that meets and exceeds the needs of the clinics, and most importantly their patients.

“Partnering with Central Dental Laboratories is a perfect match. They have built and maintained a trustworthy relationship amongst the dental industry in Ontario, and I am confident that through our partnership we can reach more clinics than before,” says Sean Zaichick, Vice President and General Manager, Personal Services. “With financing programs, customized prosthetics will be available to more patients and we are excited to be able to provide Canadians with this solution.”

James Matera, Manager of Central Dental Laboratories said of the partnership, “We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with Crelogix in the development and distribution of financing solutions to assist in making access to dental healthcare more affordable to patients. In the past many procedures regardless if they were an emergency, need based, or cosmetic, had to be delayed or not completed at all due to the financial requirements up front, with Crelogix, we’re optimistic that the program will be welcomed by both the profession and their patients.”

About Central Dental Laboratories

Central Dental Laboratories is a full service laboratory that has been servicing dental clinics in Toronto and all over Ontario for the past 50 years. The team is a diverse group with members of all ages, sizes and smiles, and we work together by leveraging our strengths to help make a design team that is dynamic and nimble. Dental clinics and professionals across Ontario trust Central Dental Laboratories to customize winning dental prosthetics that their patients will love.

About Crelogix

Crelogix is Canada’s friendliest non-bank, technology enabled, consumer financial services company. Our roots and expertise trace back to 1974. We are the largest Canadian provider of point of sale installment credit financing based on over three billion dollars in transactions and over half a billion dollars of purchase volume and receivables. Our team’s past record enables us to access institutional capital and build long lasting funding commitments. We provide a range of credit, insurance, and product protection solutions through custom programs we have established with a diverse group of merchants, retailers, wholesalers, manufactures, franchisors and industry associations. Our programs are designed to help grow our partners’ sales while offering affordable, flexible, and responsible financing to Canadian consumers. We do that at retail, through 6,000 merchants across Canada, as well as through their websites and mobile applications. For more information go to

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