Consumer Financing – a Win/Win for Doctors/Patients


Do you remember the last time you had a dental emergency?

Did you worry how you were going to pay for unexpected healthcare costs? Sometimes financing an urgent expense such as a dental procedure or veterinary bill can create a lot of additional stress for your patient.

Help your patient make an educated decision when it comes to financing their procedure, this will not only increase your patients confidence in that financial outlay, but eliminate stress.


Top Reasons patients will benefit from offering Consumer Financing

Budgeting Bliss – with consumer financing, payments are fixed for the term of the loan; making it easy to budget and know exactly how long before the loan will be paid off.

No Snowball Effect – When using a credit card for a purchase, interest is calculated on both the initial principal balance of the purchase, as well as any accumulated interest on a previous balance. This is like chasing a moving target, and one of the top reasons Canadian’s struggle with credit card debt. It’s essentially adding interest on top of interest, eventually it comes crashing down.

Escape the Penalty Box – With a consumer finance loan from Crelogix, there is no penalty if your patient pays off their loan early. So if circumstances change they are able to easily take advantage of an early payoff without repercussion.

Compete in the Rate Game – interest rates are at an all-time low, and your customers want to take advantage of this. What most people aren’t aware of is that consumer financing is comparable to those offered at major financial institutions, and lower than a credit card!

The bottom line is that sometimes you need more time to pay off unexpected expenses – by applying for a loan, you can have fixed payments, avoid costly interest rates and accrual, and even pay off your loan early.


Top Reasons Healthcare Practitioners will benefit from offering Consumer Financing

We’ve talked about why consumer financing is an easy choice for the patient, but you may be asking yourself – what about my stress? How is this going to make my life easier?

Get paid right away – When your patient applies for a Crelogix loan, you receive the funds almost immediately.

Affordability Now!
 – By promoting monthly payment amounts, you’ve suddenly made your patient’s procedure attainable; this opens up the opportunity for you to add additional services to the procedure. What may not have been affordable before – is affordable now!

Generate Repeat Business & Referrals
 – As a practitioner and business owner you know the importance of building a returning patient base. By offering payment options that meet your patient’s needs you are both creating loyalty, and building trust.

Keep risk low
 – When you partner with a responsible lender, you are putting yourself and your customer in a low risk situation. Additionally, being able to offer optional insurance coverage to protect their financial resources and credit in the event that unexpected circumstances arise, is an additional service your patients will appreciate.

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