Simple and Fast. E- Loans take the wait out of financing. Fast approvals and even faster funding.

Say Goodbye to Paper Loans!

With our E-Loan program it is now easier and faster than ever to submit loan applications, and processing time is cut in half! Gone are the days of mailing in original hard copies of documents, in fact there are no original documents needed. Customers don’t even need to be at their retailers to sign because loan documents are made available on all mobile devices; making the entire process flexible and efficient no matter where you or your customers are. The best part? The entire process is fast; making funds available faster than ever before. No more paper, and no more waiting.

Don’t worry about mailing originals anymore and receive funding faster. Apply to become an E-Loan merchant today!

Three easy ways to start using E-Loans:

1. Online Form

Complete the form below and a Crelogix representative will contact you within 24 hours to complete the E-Loan enrolment process.

2. Telephone

Call one of our friendly representatives to enrol and start using E-Loans today: 1 800 667 6640.


3. Email

Email Crelogix at