On July 6, 2017, the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta (the "Court") granted an Order (the "Consent Receivership Order") whereby Alvarez & Marsal Canada Inc. ("A&M") was appointed receiver (the "Receiver") of Crelogix Acceptance Corporation, Crelogix Credit Group Inc. and Crelogix Portfolio Services Corporation ("Crelogix" or the "Company"). Crelogix is a non-bank consumer financial services corporation, incorporated pursuant to the laws of British Columbia and registered extra provincially in the Province of Alberta.

For a copy of the Consent Receivership Order and additional information related to the Receivership proceedings, please visit www.alvarezandmarsal.com/crelogix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crelogix Overview

We are a leading Canadian consumer financing provider, which means we enable businesses like yours to offer affordable instalment programs to your consumers. We are a responsible lender meaning that we don’t just accept anyone, which keeps both you and your consumers in good standing.
We offer credit to Canadian buyers regardless of where they want to buy their products. If your business would like to cater to Canadian buyers, contact us today: 1-800-667-6640 or support@crelogix.com.
Our merchant support department is readily available 7 days a week to help.
Hours (PST):
Monday to Friday: 6AM – 6PM
Saturday: 7AM – 2PM
Sunday: Closed

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Merchant Sign-up

Please click here to apply. It will only take you three minutes to complete the application. Once we receive your completed application, we will get in touch with you right away and guide you along the whole process.

Documents required vary by province and the nature of your business. However, baseline documents required in most cases start with signed copies of merchant agreements and a government-issued photo ID.

There are no costs associated with partnering with Crelogix and becoming a merchant. There are no costs or fees for submitting merchant and consumer credit applications once you partner with us.

Yes. We will ensure all of your locations are set up with financing solutions during the enrolment process.

If all the required documents are sent and all the necessary conditions are met, merchants are enrolled with us within 24 hours. It can take longer if any documents are missing.

Specific programs will be provided by your account manager during the application process, at in-person meetings and as part of ongoing training.

Crelogix prides itself on providing ongoing support, expertise and training to help grow your business and ours. Once you are enrolled you will get access to our consulting, training, marketing and ongoing administrative support. This includes:

  • Training on how to use our online portal MyCrelogix.net, which is used to submit POS consumer credit applications.
  • Our expert team reviewing your administrative processes to expedite payments on submitted loans and consulting with you on how to integrate instalment credit into your existing sales practices.
  • Sharing with you our extensive experience and knowledge of industry best practices.
  • Providing in-store merchandising materials.
  • Expert consultation for any print and media advertising strategies.
  • Expert help integrating your website and social media to generate more leads for your business.


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Credit Applications

MyCrelogix.net is our online automated loan submission and document processing portal. It provides our clients with real-time payment calculation, credit grading, contract compliance, funding status and ongoing portfolio reporting.

Yes, we will accept declined credit applications for a second screening. However, the credit grade is dependent on a customer’s credit application and other third party credit information.

  • You can submit credit applications on our easy to use web application and grading system MyCrelogix.net.
  • Application are easy to complete and only take 5 minutes.
  • Credit applications are automatically graded in the system.

Yes, customers can pay out the loan without a penalty at any time.

Applications are auto graded by our system MyCrelogix.net. There are a number of factors which affect the grade of an application, the main one being the client’s credit score.

When this happens you can chat with us in real-time using the MyCrelogix.net system or simply by contacting our merchant support team. Applications can be escalated to our underwriters and exceptions can be requested, depending on credit history. If no exceptions can be made, you can add a qualified co-signer.

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You can get cash advanced within the same business day if you meet the requirements.

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Start your application today!

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