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We deliver localized, personal service

We pride ourselves on having representatives across Canada who are not part of an automated call center. They are a part of your community.

When you need help — either because an application needs our attention or we have called because we’re seeing something you may have overlooked — your representative will treat you with the care, attention and urgency that you deserve.

Do not be surprised if you see someone from Crelogix drop in from time to time to say hello. It is just what we do.

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We have tools that can elevate businesses of all sizes.

Breathe life into your marketing and merchandising activities at no extra cost. Access a variety of point of sale materials that will help your customers understand the benefits of using your retail financing services.

Increase sales and margins with innovative marketing solutions like no interest and no payment programs, or the ability to offer loan protection to your customers.

Make life easier by managing your financing program with our online loan submission portal, that is designed with your needs in mind.

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We build relationships based on trust

We are not here to replace your bank, and we are not out to make a quick buck by approving anybody that walks through your door.

We’re a responsible, trusted extension of your existing financial toolkit that has been serving Canadians in both mature and unique markets. We pioneered programs like:

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We are more than just another consumer financing organization

Our people have a passion for designing retail financing solutions that put our deep industry domain experience, financial alchemy, and technological know-how at the service of manufacturers, wholesalers and their networks.

Join us and start filling in the gaps that your existing bank programs fail to service. Let us talk about new lines of business and market segments that we can collaboratively design financing solutions around to elevate sales.

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, buying group or a franchise network operator, you are going to love what we have to say about a strategic partnership. Learn more